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(Barbero Corlan Gi)




-Autumn  2004 he passed herding test ZVOP( examination of herding talent)

- April 2006 he passed ZPOP 1 (CS trial 1) as the first corgi in the Czech republic !

- he passed obedince test ZOP.

- May  2007 we participated in Polish championship of sheep herding (farmer´s style) and Barbero was on 5th standing
between border collies  ( 4th standing has only 1points more :) )

- March 2008 we participated in Austrian herding race (traditional style) and we were on second standing
(judge M. Fuchs)

- April 2008
we participated in Corgi club herding race (trad. st.) and Barbero won all race!!! The first place!!(judge: M. Koško)

- August 2008 he passed obedience test ZZO
result: Excelent, (54/60points)

- November 2008 he passed herding test TS1  result: Excelent  60points. He worked gloriously, but a handler was bad :o(

-April 2009  Second place in Corgi club herding race (TS)
-June 2010 FCI TS2 result Excelent 91/100points, judge: M.Koško - as the first and each one dog in all our country

All teeth, scrissor bite
Height 30 cm
Weight 15,5kg

We keeped Barbucha because we were inquisitive what this gray rarity will be. So, now we  think, it was the good way, sure
Barbero is super dog and he is truly pretty. He is a huge angel with a little devil in a body. He is lovely and the most inteligent corgi, who I know. He is a dream of every active people.
He is balanced nature, he loves people, kids, other dogs, ...
Barbero is hearty dog, everythink what he does, he does it as good as he can and he does it quickly, right and with his elegance and gentility. And he does it for you!
He works because he loves work, and he loves people what they can give him work.
He helped us with a propagation of corgi, he loves every kind of sport, every kind of peolpe and every kind of play.
Every minute what you give him, he give back thousand times!

He has to have huge heart. I love his sweet face and the most of all I love the blaze in his eyes.
He is my darling and my teacher in many ways.






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